STR8 and Giannis Antetokounmpo Inspire Filipinos to "Go For Great"


By: STR8 | KOTC Sports Organizing Services - Published November 13, 2018

STR8 Brand, the famous Fragrance & Toiletries line for young men and Iface Inc., an established distributor of some of the fastest growing brands in the beauty and wellness industry, announce that Philippines is the 1stmarket in the World to launch the New STR8 Fragrance Collection under Giannis Antetokounmpo signature.

Last Thursday, November 8, 2018, the much awaited Media Launch was held at Salon de Ning Manila Peninsula, which officially unveiled STR8 and its array of fragrances. With a mantra "Go for Great", the brand urges young men to get out there, and without any fear or hesitation, to aim high and “go and get” what they really want in life, in order to experience the great feeling of success - much like their hero, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

The STR8 Original variant has a woody heart and strong orris base, that will get you on top of your game, looking good and smelling event better.

A star-studded cast of personalities from the sports and fashion industry, as well as various media graced the cocktail event, which culminated in an online greeting by no less than Giannis Antetokounmpo the brand’s Global ambassador, the world famous basketball player of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

According to iFace, Inc. CEO and President Mr. Tony Chua, STR8 and Giannis are a perfect match as they stand for the same values.

Starting his journey as an amateur player within Greece, Giannis Antetokounmpo dared to go after his dream working his way up, marking continuous successes in the US and blossomed into an all–round basketball superstar of the NBA, breaking one record after another. His passion, commitment, hard work and integrity are the virtues that helped him grow into one of the best NBA players.

Together, they will dare to inspire and motivate every young man to follow his personal passion and to always keep his enthusiasm alive, and everything he wants to achieve, no matter what this might be. 

The STR8 Ahead, one of Giannis' signature variant, is for every go-getter on and off the court who focuses on what he wants and does not look anywhere else but forward.

STR8 wants these young men to dare and conquer everything that makes him feel fulfilled, and to fight for everything that he thinks is important, to go beyond his limits every day, to remain faithful to his beliefs, to what his heart wishes and to go STR8 to the goals he has set - precisely as Giannis has already done and keeps doing.

STR8 belongs to Sarantis Group portfolio of own brands. The Group is one of the leading fast moving consumer goods company in Europe and has a very strong international presence, operating subsidiaries in 12 European countries through an extensive distribution network and exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide.

The STR8 Adventure is specifically made for the man of the great outdoors. Made of citrus, spicy and green tones that recall nature's greatest wonders, this scent dares you to explore the unknown and discover the uncharted.

STR8 Brand will be exclusively available at Watsons Retail Chain and The SM Stores.

Edward Barber, STR8's newest local ambassador, poses for the STR8 Red Code - A variant with magnetic scent for the magnetic personality, which is a definite crowd favorite among the ladies with its base of floral heart with amber notes. 

Other variants include; STR8 True, a fragrance that will have you experience the sand under your feet, the salt on your skin, and the ocean breeze blowing through your hair. The STR8 Rise, having a citrus top and aromatic woody base, is perfect for the man who is always in pursuit of greatness. Lastly, the STR8 Hero variant which allows you to inspire and be inspired, looking inward and be a hero first in order to help others soar.

STR8 is a popular men’s fragrance line presenting high brand awareness and leading market shares in Central-eastern & South-eastern Europe.