OLSABL Recreational Division Finals Preview: DLS-CSB 105+ out to redeem its lost glory by facing 2005xFrontrow


By Jordan Samar - Published April 25, 2019

The DLS-CSB 105+ is out for redemption and they look to do so by looking to finish this OLSABL season unscathed. 2005xFrontrow have other plans, however, as they plan to act as spoilers for the undefeated squad, after failing to do so the last time around.

DLS-CSB 105+ took it upon themselves to start out strong as they defeated all challengers, winning six straight games en route to the finals.

In the semis, they were able to eke out a close win against Legacy, 78-76, with JC Ibanez leading the way pouring in 17 points and six assists.

While DLS-CSB 105+ had a cakewalk, the same can’t be said to 2005xFrontrow, as they had to fight tooth and nail on their journey to the big stage. After winning their first three games to start, they suffered two crushing losses against DLS-CSB 105+ and DLSUxLSGH 09 by small margins.

Tables have turned for them however in the semis, as they closed out the gritty DLSUxLSGH 09, 60-57, and they look to carry their momentum on Sunday’s knockout game.

By the numbers:

2005xFrontrow in crunch time: Save for their 10-point win against 02 Nyakols, 2005xFrontrow churned out an average margin of 1.7 in their recent wins. On the other hand, they lost to their opponents by an average losing margin of -5.0.

DLS-CSB 105+’s overall dominance: It’s no secret as to why they went unbeaten, as they led the league in categories like points per game (79.0), rebounds per game (44.0), and assists per game (19.4) in the regular season. Will they be able to keep this up? Only time will tell.

Players to look out for:

Can 2005xFrontrow handle DLS-CSB 105+ quintet?
DLS-CSB 105+ boasts of at least three MVP candidates in Carl Cua, Cholo Legisma, and Paulo Fernandez as they compiled 180.0, 163.5, and 151.0 SPs respectively. Other than that, they also have lethal scorers in JC Ibanez and Ian Ples, who have proven to have the capability to flip the switch when needed.

Will others step up for 2005xFrontrow?
Much of 2005xFrontrow’s success so far can be owed to the consistency of guys like Pat Giron, Miguel Vasquez, and Mark Villanueva. Pat Giron has been one of the league top snipers, shooting 40.9% from rainbow country. Meanwhile, Miguel Vasquez is third overall in points per game (19.0), and Mark Villanueva is fifth overall in rebounds per game (7.0).