OLSABL Juniors Division Finals Preview: Retooled 2013&Friends aims to complete dream season; One Love out to fulfill repeat title bid


By Jordan Samar - Published May 2, 2019

2013&Friends has made one of the league’s biggest turnarounds and they’re looking to cap it all off by winning it all this season. One Love, on the other hand, is looking to stamp its class once again in the Juniors Division by trying to win back-to-back titles.

With notable additions of Noah Webb, Alec Saubier, Kib Montalbo, and Thirdy Ravena, 2013&Friends finished the regular season at the second seed with a 6-2 win-loss card after they finished at the bottom of the standings last year.

The much-rejigged roster was able to knock off Gerry’s Grill decisively, 91-84, in the semifinals. Quinito Banzon led all scorers with 26 markers, with 12 of them coming from rainbow country.

One Love will be making its second straight finals appearance after winning last season’s OLSABL Juniors title. Like 2013&Friends, They also boast a star-studded squad with Joshua Webb, William Johnston, and Simon Atkins on board.

In the semis, One Love clobbered Batch 2010, 99-71 with Simon Atkins leading the way with 24 points, 10 rebounds, and 12 assists.

By the numbers:

One Love’s balanced firepower: It’s safe to say the One Love really maximized its star-studded lineup since they’ve always had at least three double-digit scorers in every game. And since majority of their games are decided by single digits, having that was necessary to boost their bid.

2013&Friends' top power attack: Unlike One Love, 2013&Friends are heavily dependent on their new additions this season. Kib Montalbo is currently leading the league in scoring with 30.0 points per game.

Players to look out for:

Simon Atkins’ all-around performance: Much of One Love’s success can be owed to Simon Atkins’ exemplary performance this season as he’s posted Russell Westbrook-like numbers of 23.7 points, nine assists, and 10.3 rebounds per game. For sure 2013&Friends would live with others creating other than Atkins.

Who can help Kib Montalbo? The former Green Archer has been doing splendid so far this season, but he can’t do it all alone if they want to win the championship. This is where guys like Alec Saubier and Quinito Banzon comes in, as they’ve shown the capability to churn out huge performances when needed.