Obico’s explosion at crunch time burns DJ Sport’s resurgence


By Jacob Canlas - Published February 18, 2020

The competition in the division becomes grueling as two teams with vicious style of play fights out for the single W as Dumlao Thursdays’ offensive annihilation prevails against a persistent DJ Sports squad at the Upper Deck, Sunday afternoon.

As dark as their shirts, Dumlao has only one thing in mind – a blackout assault in the form of floaters and put backs all the way to the end.

Rallying pivotal fields goals, Dumlao finished on a high note of the first canto seven-points ahead. Raffy Arcilla charged the attack for Dumlao in a massive 23 points with four treys cemented.

Like Roman armies, Arcilla’s charge was succeeded in waves of ballers. Calculated and lethal, his team mates made heavy damage in the ring as almost all present listed a field goal.

On the receiving end of the whipping stick, DJ Sports finally took control midway into the fourth. Their defensive lockdown paid off and inched closer to the margins three-points behind.

With the momentum shifted, DJ Sports’ improved defensive was not sustained as a series of fast break possession instigated by Dumlao teared through, returning a three-point possession lead into their hands.

Dumlao’s Jefferson Obico unloads in the wildfire of the pull-up jumpers and triples, extinguishing the threat of their competition, and burying them three-points below at the final buzzer, 71-68.

Obico’s explosion in the final minutes was unseen as the cager was mostly reserved in the quarters before. Obico managed to snatch the player of the game as he downs a double-double of 12 points, fifteen rebounds, and five assists.

A valiant effort for DJ Sports, Kyle Chua and Emarson Que downs 20 and 17 points, respectively to keep DJ Sport’s afloat in the competition.