Nonstop action fills 2019 PFIP Sportsfest as Manulife, HSBC take home the crowns


By Frank Leo Aniscal - Published September 4, 2019


Beauty. Elegance. Power.


Philippine Financial Industry Pride (PFIP) members had all these traits in full display after holding its 2019 PFIP Sportsfest with 18 teams who competed in the sport of Volleyball and Badminton inside the jam-packed The Upper Deck Lifestyle Center in Pasig City.


It has been a day full of exciting battles, but only one team emerged as the best in the Volleyball tournament. The throne remained in the hands of Manulife as they outshone Emerson to claim their back-to-back championships.

The road to defend the crown did not become easy for Manulife as they had tough fights against hard-hitting teams, including ING in the quarterfinals, CONDUENT in the semifinals, and lastly against EMERSON in the Finals. But despite the heavy competition, they endured all the pain and showed the true hearts of a champion until the end.


A lot of talented players showed up in this year's event, but Jhomar Anonuevo still shone the most as he did not only lead Manulife in keeping the title but also bagged his second straight Most Valuable Player award.


Completing the Mythical Six were EMERSON's Paul Ivan Llusala and Dennis Lindez, Manulife's Kim Patrick Santos, AIG's Paul Christian Alix, and CONDUENT's Angelo Ugoy.

"All teams are very determined. A lot of companies here have been joining different leagues. We heard that before coming into this event, they prepared hard and practiced on a regular basis. They really look forward in competing in this kind of event," according to Michael Lim, Membership Engagement Leader of PFIP.


On the other hand, HSBC smashed their way to be named as the first-ever PFIP Badminton champions. 

From 12 companies that joined last year, PFIP family grew bigger in its 2019 sportsfest edition as 18 teams graced the event, namely: the volleyball champions Manulife, badminton champions HSBC, EMERSON, AIG, CONDUENT, ING, CITIBANK, JPMC, Wells Fargo, Refinitiv, Coca-Cola, American Express, IBM, Capital One, Chevron, Infosys, VISA, and ANZ.

"We feel the need to come up with the sportsfest because most of our members, who are from the LGBT community, are very competitive. And they want to express their competitiveness through sports. This sportsfest also helps build relationship among different companies. And another thing is our rally for fitness and health, that is one of our goals for having this sportsfest," Lim said.


Making this event possible, PFIP took the help of the following sponsors: CONDUENT, ING, MANULIFE, Coca-Cola, and EMERSON, and in partnership with Kings of the Court / STR8 PH as its official organizing body.


Also coming to witness the event was PFIP Chair Ronil Villacorta, who also awarded the winners in the two categories.

"When we started this sportsfest four years ago, we were just doing volleyball tournament. But come last year, we decided to have partnership with Kings of the Court as our official organizer and add another sport, which is badminton. We noticed that some of our members also play badminton so we want to see them excel in this sport as well," Lim narrated.


He also expressed how grateful PFIP is in its relationship with Kings of the Court / STR8 PH as the organization had media mileage, publicity, good quality of service, and getting a high class venue.


"With another successful year of PFIP Sportsfest in partnership with KOTC, I would definitely say that this relationship will continue for more years simply because the people behind it are reliable, flexible, and easy to deal with," he added.


Aside from sports, PFIP also conducts different community projects that benefit its LGBT members such as organizing SOGIE awareness sessions, leadership programs, and HIV awareness.

With another historic night for PFIP, Lim said that the following years will become more exciting as they plan for a two-day sportsfest to cater bigger number of participating teams.


"We would like to thank all the teams and players because this will not become successful and possible without them. I just wish for their continuous support to the PFIP programs and join the sportsfest every year," Lim concluded.