Missing the court | Telecoms Basketball League players share how they cope up with long lull from basketball [Part 2]


By: John Mark Herrera - Published May 21, 2020

It's the 68th day of the Community Quarantine and for sure, every baller out there misses the game so bad, that they try to connect with the game in all ways possible.

In the second part of this article series, we asked two more players to share their ECQ routines - developed as the "new normal" for this season.

From posting throwback pictures of themselves playing, dribbling an old basketball inside the house or at the empty garage every morning, watching classic games and other video highlights, or in probably every basketball fan's case in the previous weeks, enjoying the thrill of watching "The Last Dance" - a 10-part series of the final season of the mighty 90's Chicago Bulls team, which was led by arguably the greatest of all time, his "Airness" - Michael Jordan.

But aside from all these, getting to cope with the long lull from basketball may be in the form of staying at home - a very crucial part we can do to help fight the COVID-19 crisis and get back on the court soon. For some Telecoms Basketball League players, they've found some ways to keep it touch with basketball, but at the same time make a difference for the community - even while staying inside their home.

"Playing basketball is my only answer to keeping my body in good shape. With age, slow metabolism and work stress, it is very hard for me maintain a healthy weight. ECQ took that away from me." Said longtime Telecoms Basketball League player, Mike De Castro, who found a way to work around the giant wall that everyone's facing right now in the form of the global health crisis, by finding a way to stay in shape and game ready.

"Given the spare time, I had to reinvent my routine and do the things I do not like – home workout. Good thing I invested on some workout tools like TRX, Quick ladder, resistance band, etc. but my favorite is Jumping Rope. I am a morning person so the day starts at 7:30am and would last around 9am. The routine includes intermittent fasting (first meal at 12nn) and Pollo-Pescatarian Diet. I always believe that repetition of acts is how habit is formed but please do it in constant manner." on his routine during the ECQ.

He also takes helping the community as serious as his health - believing that if everyone around him are healthy, then the faster it wll help us to return to the hardcourt.

"One activity or series of activities that I am seriously part of is “protecting our frontliners” drive. I am involved with 3 “close to my heart” groups namely Aquinas School Alumni Association Stay Home But Step Up, UST Engineering Batch 94 Veritas In Caritate, Cool Table “Telco Clique Assistance” (where officers of Telecoms Basketball League and Over-Time Basketball League are also members)."

All these home workouts and proper diet, plus the reaching out to the fronliners - still, Mike never forgets to bond with his basketball brothers, as this too, helps them maintain the camaraderie in the group.

"On the basketball side, I am an active participant on our viber chat groups, zoom calls. Together with my teammates and fellow officers there is unending “locker room” pranks, ribbing and nonsense debates. But one thing is for sure, Telecoms Basketball League and Over-Time Basketball League are still proud partners of KOTC."

For another long-time TBL player, Emmanuel Rayos, turning to other physical activities helps him stay in shape while being away from basketball.

"In the morning until afternoon, I have to do work via emails and calls. In the afternoon, I do work out, weights (M-W-F) and then biking T-TH-S. Unfortunately no Basketball, but I practice dribbling once in a while. I do watch a lot of basketball on YouTube." shared the former TBL League of 40’s titlist.

A member of various groups who raised funds and donated PPEs for our brave frontliners, Rayos shared that he also bared another movement he joined aside from the telco group movement.

"Fundraising is being done via different groups. We have a small telco group where we send out PPEs to different hospitals. I am also a member of Rotary, where we do programs to provide food and other means to less fortunate people." he explained.

Staying active individually and helping out in providing help for the community, he also makes it a point to keep in touch with his friends - talking business and of course, the most famous series on Netflix in these times.

"In terms of the teams and friends in basketball, of course we make use of viber groups to get in touch with the groups. Talk about the last dance, talk about who the real GOAT is, talk about food and other things."


Getting to reach out and help the community is one way to make the most out of this "new normal".

The long break from sports may have halted our daily routines, but these men proved that adaptation is key and that the best thing to do right now, is to play our role in helping out our best players, the frontliners, in battling the pandemic that is, COVID-19; a battle that is bigger than sports.

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