Missing the court | Architects Basketball Union players share off-court activities amid the ongoing health crisis


By John Mark Herrera - Published May 18, 2020

It's the 66th day since all sporting events were cancelled and for sure, every baller out there misses the game so bad, that they try to connect with the game in all ways possible.

From posting throwback pictures of themselves playing, dribbling an old basketball inside the house or at the empty garage every morning, watching classic games and other video highlights, or in probably every basketball fan's case in the previous weeks, enjoying the thrill of watching "The Last Dance" - a 10-part series of the final season of the mighty 90's Chicago Bulls team, which was led by arguably the greatest of all time, his "Airness" - Michael Jordan.

But aside from all these, getting to cope with the long lull from basketball may be in the form of staying at home - a very crucial part we can do to help fight the COVID-19 crisis and get back on the court soon. For some Architects Basketball Union players, they've found some ways to keep it touch with basketball, but at the same time make a difference for the community - even while staying inside their home.

The union's current president, Architect Don Ferrer, keeps it simple and productive in terms of his exercise routine and household activities while spending most of the past two months inside his home.

"Not much home workouts, maybe 30 minutes to an hour on a stationary bike trainer setup at home from time to time. Most of the times, I'm doing house repairs, file organizations and now painting my room." said Architect Ferrer, who is serving his second year as union president, before the first conference came to an unexpected lull.

He also took part in the union's initiative to help the brave men and women in the medical line, who serves as frontliners in this ongoing health crisis.

"Yes in fact we did. In our club (ABU) we raised funds among our members and affiliates to acquire PPEs to donate to medical frontliners. We have a total of 100 sets of PPEs overalls, face shields and face masks. These will be donated to two (2) hospitals this coming week. We all hope in our club that in our little way, we can save lives too by protecting the medical frontliners."

He also stays connected with his teammates by way of maximizing the available technology, to keep the strong bond of the squad, despite not getting to play the sport they love. "Thru social media messaging most of the times. Playing jokes, forwarding funny video clips and recently watching the last dance documentary." shared Architect Ferrer.

For Architect Reymark Gardiola, reliving the NBA's greatest games via YouTube and doing home workouts, are the few ways where he finds solace while sporting events are put on hold.

"As we missed Basketball, we can only do is to relived the moments thru photos and watch greatest games thru YouTube. It's a blessing in the sky that the Last Dance was aired during ECQ as we can watch it peacefully in our homes. But as a sports enthusiasts, we still manage to do some workouts from our homes. Thus making it alternative way to fight depression in this kind of pandemic." shared the union's board member, who serves as the treasurer.

In spite of temporarily losing the game he and his fellow architects love, the undivided time with his loved ones more than made up for the long lull from basketball.

"ECQ really hit us hard as we can't play the sports that we loved and we can't do our weekly regimen of competing with your basketball brothers. But despite this, we are still thankful as we are given the opportunity to have more quality time with our family."

With playing the role of a team player in a battle that the entire world is involved, Architect Gardiola and his fellow professionals responded to the call for help, as the community badly needs it during these times.

"As professionals, we still have responsibilities to help our Country in this pandemic. Our sports organization, ABU (Architects Basketball Union) had organized to send 100 pieces of PPE to Hospitals. While the different Chapter of UAP (United Architects of the Philippines) had organized different CSR to help not only the frontline workers but the Construction Workers as well."

At the same time, he also makes it a point to stay connected with the team to keep the great bond with every player on the roster, as they wait for the day when basketball can be played again. His message to the public draws a similarity to the battle he's been part of many times on the hardcourt.

"As the pandemic hit all of us and got separated with our basketball brothers, the use of Social Media had become a blessing to all of us. We can still be connected to one another and have an online inuman session thru zoom. As the final stretch of the final quarter wherein we could win the Championship, we just have to play it hard and stay healthy to fight this pandemic. At the sounds of the final buzzer, we could be Champions." said Architect Gadiola.

Despite the long break from basketball, these professionals slash weekend ballers remain ready. As we all wait, the initiatives done by the Architects Basketball Union is one of many ways "assists" are being dished out in order for us - to echo Architect Gardiola's words - win as a time when the final buzzer sounds.

__ __ __

Architects Basketball Union (ABU) turnover of PPE overalls, face shields, and face masks to two (2) Government Hospitals for their Medical frontliners


East Avenue Medical Center, Quezon City

50sets of PPE overalls, 50 face shields & 2 boxes (100pcs) surgical mask, c/o Dr. Romina Torres, Administation Department & Presidential Security Group (PSG)

Station Hospital, Manila

50sets of PPE overalls, 50 face shields & 2 boxes (100pcs) surgical mask c/o Maj. Jericho Maaño, MC, Executive Officer, PSGSH

To all who pledge and contributed to this donation drive, Thank you very much for your generosity and contributions!

Videl Mendoza Reymark Gardiola Jeric Allan Javier Joel Ratuita Ronald Gilbert Motus Mike Nierras Jesus Thaddeus de Guzman Jonathan Dy Sun Chris Bello Joseph Biton Eduard R. Albeza Lawrence Enriquez Tsarls Timbancaya Leeger Gomez Chino Paolo Cruz Ama (AC 12 & 8th) Tommy Malvarosa Mau De Vera Manuel L. Fernando Paul Michael Co Nat Francisco Randolph O. Go Kurt Kevin Jo Seph Santos Gaytano Ross Reyes Cholo Legisma & Nico Felismino (KOTC) Joseph Manreo J Aral Andrew Ambatali MC Lopez Kenneth AB TriniDad and kids Ronnie Caudilla Combo Neil Del Castillo.

"Let’s all continue to pray for the safety of our medical personnel and may these PPE's be their shields in taking care of the infected of COVID19 disease hope they recover soon.

God Bless us all!

ABU! Atin’to"


- Architect Don Ferrer, union president

___ ___ ___

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