Missing the court | A known all-around player in hoops, Mavi Ferrer dishes out a much-needed assist to his community



By: John Mark Herrera - Published June 8, 2020

Different stories of players, coaches, fans, individuals, and multiple groups trying to make a difference and help their community in the fight both against the COVID-19 health crisis and the effects of the lock down, continue to rise as we approach the third month of our ongoing battle, which left many of our fellow Filipinos with no source of income.

In this edition of #MissingTheCourt, we feature yet another inspiring story of an individual who took up the gauntlet, to make a difference and help out his community, along with reliable friends.

Mavi Ferrer, a long-time player and pioneer in Kings of the Court tournaments, sparked a movement that provided the needs of the Dominican Friars of Santo Domingo Parish in Quezon City. A project that NCAA Season 95 Commissioner - Coach Tonichi Pujante, helped catalyzed, when he approached Ferrer regarding the parish's needs.

"Coach Tonichi Pujante approached me regarding the need of the Dominican Friars' partner community/ies. This is in line with the possibility to provide relief goods or any form of help to ease their current situation. Such prompted me to connect with proper authorities (special thanks to Cong. Onyx and Coun Nikki Crisologo) who immediately committed sacks of rice. Aside from such, I donated a number of food packs to the Dominican Friars."

"This is actually not the end of the said program, the Dominican Friars actually needs more assistance for their other communities. So, in partnership with Kings of the Court, a special donation will be made to the Dominican Friars of Letran in Manila City." Ferrer added.

The birth of the special donation is the start of more projects to come, as the fight continues during these tough times. Together, Ferrer believes we will see light at the end of the tunnel.

"Due to the rise and effects of COVID-19, a large number of Filipino people are affected, most of which lost their primary source of income. Because of such, consistent needs and assistance of underprivileged communities rises. This would be the primary basis of the programs projection which is to consistently help as long as the need arises."

"I came from a loving and compassionate family. My father who has been a public servant for the past 20+ years exposed me to become mindful of others and their situation. This is the primary reason why I spearheaded the said project; I’ve been aware with the current situation and given that I have the means and connections, plus the fact that I am an active Rotarian, I couldn’t just look the other way." Ferrer explained.

As for his message to the public, he has nothing but encouragement for everyone who are deeply struggling during these times.

"Do not lose hope. That’s what makes a Filipino special. The resilient spirit. Let us all help each other to withstand and recover from this pandemic. Remember, reach out and help."

Ferrer also extends his warmest gratitude to everyone who made this project possible.

"I would like to thank my ever supportive wife, my parents, the people contributed to this project (Cong. Onyx Crisologo, Councilor Nikki Crisologo, and my Kings of the Court family) and most especially God, for making this project feasible."

Service is what he and his family is all about. Getting to experience the value of serving one another, began in the Ferrer household, and it stuck with Mavi even on the court, where he serves assists to his teammates and makes a huge difference by doing the dirty work on the boards. But as a bigger team - team world that is - he is keen to serve on a bigger role, as long as the community needs a helping hand.

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Looking for a way to help the community?

Like Mavi Ferrer, you too can help the community. You can donate and get a personalized artwork in return!

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The #YourTimeToShine is a campaign which aims to raise funds. Proceeds shall be for the donation of PPE’s and food supply to our frontliners through various organizations, and financial assistance to our employees in need during these trying times.

If it's not purchasing, you can share this to your friends and family members, to raise more awareness of the campaign that would be appreciated too!

Go to Kings of the Court PH on Facebook, to know more.