Made for Basketball: Point 3 inks partnership with Kings of the court|STR8


By John Mark Herrera - Published July 4, 2019 (Thursday)

Part of Basketball's evolution in the past decades, has been the training that all players go through, in order for them to elevate their game to higher levels, day-in and day-out. Blood, sweat and tears make up what now players call the "grind" (high intensity level of workout).

This was also the call that Point 3, a U.S. based brand of basketball apparel answered. Founded back in 2010 by Michael Luscher. They focused on a need to keep the players' hands dry without having to leave the court, so they can live out the "basketball never stops" lifestyle. The idea that sparked the launch of the brand began with a pair of shorts that they now call DRYV Moisture Control Technology.

"POINT 3 Basketball was created by ballplayers who know the feeling of a sweaty hand leading to a turnover, long shirt sleeves preventing quick catch and release on a jumper, a regular cotton T-shirt just not holding up to the kind of ball you play. We started POINT 3 in 2010 to honor the game. To honor that moment, when the rim feels as big as the entire lane. That feeling when you play ball that nothing else in the world matters. Basketball gear is about how you feel on the court - it has to look right, fit right and perform if you want to get into that zone." - The Point 3 Story.

The idea of a basic product gave birth to many more as they realized that basketball apparel on the market was not directed toward the needs of ballplayers and thought there had to be something better. From that point up to this day, the company has been producing highly functional performance gear specifically 'Made for Basketball'.

Now, the innovative movement has arrived in the country, and made available for the basketball-crazy nation that is, the Philippines. Seeking to partner with basketball driven innovators like them, Point 3 crossed paths with Kings of the Court|STR8 and have now inked a one-year partnership which will help widen the knowledge of their brand, which fits our nation's endearment and immeasurable passion for the game.

A deal made possible by a basketball juggernaut himself, Mr. Mavi Ferrer (KOTC Sales Director)- Point 3 Business Development Manager, Mr. Sam Adarve was present in the contract signing held at the Kings of the Court|STR8 head office in Mandaluyong City together with the president and founder, Mr. Virgilio Legisma Jr. of the sports organizing company.

Sam expressed his excitement about the partnership and shared some knowledge of what Point 3 is all about. "What's great with Point 3 is that these products are also designed by well-known basketball players, coaches, and trainers - everyone understands kung ano ano yung problems for basketball players. It revolves around that and the designs are not just made to be something really light or very breathable, but rather we try to address the detailed concerns of the players as well." Sam explained.

In addressing the less talked about concern of most players, include the comfort in what they wear while training or playing in the actual game. Staying fresh at all times and not losing grip on that momentum as they are in the zone. This is very evident in their very first product, a pair of shorts that dries the sweat quickly, to prevent having that extra weight on your shorts as a product of extreme perspiration.

"The first thing that we addressed are the sweaty hands while playing, and what we did was to integrate what we now call DRYV Moisture Control Technology, which is like a towel on your shorts, which dries up quickly to keep the feeling light sa suot mo. Aside from that, it also has a feature that allows ventilation in some areas where a player feels heat. Then there are versions of these din with deep pockets to allow ballers na maglagay ng phone or wallet, but still retain that comfort." he continued.

Bigger brands may have the edge in terms of marketing, but for Sam and their team, Point 3 is right up there with these giants, in terms of their continuous drive to provide basketball players with apparels that suit their everyday runs on the hardcourt, whether it's game day or a time to get to the gym and train for their craft.

"Point 3 really cares about the players. They take this philosophy seriously and apply that concept to their designs. From the special features such as sa shooting shirts namin with sleeves that has slits and are reinforced, so hindi siya mag snag if you will do shooting drills. Our socks, has compressions around the ankles, for additional support. And our bags, especially our road trip bag, a lot of stuff can fit inside like shoes, sweaty clothes to be placed sa lower part where there is ventilation, and it's water-resistant - so perfect for all seasons."


With the same drive and utmost respect for basketball, Point 3's partnership with Kings of the Court|STR8 is a big boost for the U.S. brand, to extend the knowledge of their products to all the pinoy basketball players through social media, where a lot of enthusiasts feast on what they can use or add to their game - whether from the grassroots level, in the corporate set up, and even in the semi-pro and professional ranks - Point 3 wants to equip everyone and be part of every player's journey in working to be the best that they can be.

"This partnership will enhance pa, yung drive ng mga tao ngayon to be better sa paglalaro. That's the reason why we designed our products this way, you acquire products that will help you improve all aspects of your game. KOTC|STR8 appreciates this is the same way we appreciate it, it's for everyone talaga, and by that we have products din even for kids." Sam declared as he elaborated on the tagline of the brand being "Made for Basketball".

Exciting times ahead, as another movement ties partnership with an organization with the same mantra: Basketball for Everyone.

Watch out as KOTC|STR8 officially welcomes Point 3 in their growing number of apparel brand partners, to bring a better, bigger, innovative experience for all basketball lovers around the metro.