LitiGators aim to bring their game from law school to the ‘real world’


By Jordan Samar - Published April 30, 2019

The Advocatus League has been a reunion of sorts for the LitiGators as they look to get the band back together even if they currently work under different organizations.

It might take some time for Atty. JD Garcia and the rest of the crew to get their bearings since they haven’t played altogether as a unit, but he welcomes the challenge, nonetheless.

“We’re mostly from the same batch, 2012 Ateneo Law. Individually, we work in different organizations. Some are in government, some are in law firms, and others are in private companies. It’s sort of a mixed bag,” said Garcia.

“Some of us were part of the Ateneo Law basketball team. We won the Conflicts of Law (tournament among law schools) [back] in 2013. As a whole, though, this is the first time all of us are playing together,” he added.

One of the challenges that the team faces is getting everyone to practice due to their hectic work schedules. However, what kept them together is their friendship and their undying love for the game.

“After law school we tried to play together as much as we can but due to our busy schedules, that happens sparingly, even until now,” lamented Garcia.

“Although we barely have time to practice, it was pretty easy to get everyone to join the team. We are all just fans of the game and love playing,” he further mentioned.

While expectations aren’t that high yet for this team, this mixed bag of Atenean lawyers will look to bring the fight every game. For them, getting their groove back while building on to what they currently have is already tantamount to success.

“Obviously, a winning season would be a successful season. But given our unfamiliarity with each other, I think at the very least getting our chemistry together and having a better sense of each other’s game would be a success in itself,” concluded Garcia.