DJ Sports hold off Einz’s second half rally to win season opener


By Jacob Canlas - Published February 5, 2020

A new season unleashed and the competition gets tougher in the Inter Pick-Up division at the Upper Deck as DJ Sport rallies behind a ten-point deficit for their first season’s victory against Einz, 62-58.

The hardwood was again set ablaze with all cagers of the competing teams pouring in the hard and gritty work. Einz’s well-rounded offense, attacking at all areas exchanged fires with DJ Sports’ perimeter jumpers down low as they locked horns in a one-possession lead.

The tables were turned as Einz’s Ryan Bernabe drained multiple daggers to catapult his team as much as 10-points midway in the third canto.

Despite Einz gaining ground, DJ Sports didn’t sit well with the disadvantages, and slowly climb the steep hill as they maximized each possession with their main weapon of choice – floaters and perimeter jumpers.

The duo of Emarson Que and Royce Chang gathered the team high of 12, and 11 points with the former picking up the player of the game recognition with his double-digit boards of ten rebounds, two assists and blocks apiece.

DJ Sports lashed down a 6-point lead midway into the final canto, while also managing to crush a haunting Einz team that inched as close as a 3-point deficit in the final 7.1 seconds of the game with a triple from KOTC veteran Chris Obana.

All doubts were rested on DJ Sports’ bench with a free throw by Matthew Cua, eventually holding out in a 4-point lead, concluding to a final box score of 62-58.

The energy of the Einz’s cagers were massive as almost all filled the score sheets. Chris Obana managed the team-high of 13 points, and seven rebounds while Axl Paner curated a double-double performance of 11 points and ten rebounds.