Divina Law looking to bring the fight in the Advocatus League


By Jordan Samar - Published May 15, 2019

Armed with loads of playing experience and ol’ reliables, Divina Law is looking to bring their grit ‘n’ grind style of basketball in the on-going Advocatus Basketball League.

From what was a once-a-week recreational habit, Divina Law has decided to take their game to a whole new level by recruiting more players to join in the Advocatus League.

“Prior to the league, we regularly play at least once a week. The lawyers and staff are regular attendees and we invite other lawyers who are non-members of the firm to join us. That’s how we formed the team,” recalled Atty. Danilo Tungol.

The team is heavily reliant on their familiarity with each other, as most of them have played together for quite some time now. And with veterans like Arnold Omadto, JM Galauran, Rico Villanueva, and Terrence Ferrer in the fold, the team is counting on to their collective experience to try and stay competitive within the league.

“Atty. Terence Ferrer will be a steady hand with his experience as a former member of the UP Law team. We have the old reliables in Atty. JM Galauran, Atty. Arnold Omadto, Rico Villanueva,” said Atty. Danilo Tungol.

Divina Law has always been synonymous to being dynamic and results-oriented. Despite being winless so far, the esteemed law firm is now planning on using this season as a learning experience and stepping stone as they plan on rebuilding the squad with much-younger players next season.

Moreover, Atty. Danilo Tungol believes that having the proper mix of veterans and youngsters would pay dividends for the team in the long run, as they try to bring back the company’s winning tradition.

“A successful season for us ideally should be being competitive and this can be achieved by embarking on a massive team build up next season in keeping with the winning tradition of the firm,” said Atty. Danilo Tungol.

“We are presently a grit and grind team, but we hope to develop our run and game next season with the entry of our young players,” he added.