Crucial endgame plays tow Born Ready to second straight victory


By Jacob Canlas – Published February 11, 2020

In a league prominent for domination in both ends, Born Ready was ready to take the bill in the second headliner of the Inter Pick-up division at the Upper Deck, Saturday evening as they deck out the Legends squad for their second straight victory, 79-75.

A wildly persistent Legends squad was on the hunt, and they are starving for buckets, unleashing multiples barrages treys and dimes in the second canto. Jobert Castro and Leo Agustin rallied in 20 points each, where the latter bombed artilleries of six triples as latter made his damage inside.

The duo snatched their first bite as they closed a three-possession deficit down to a single-point deficit at halftime. In a swift defiance at the second half, Born Ready fired up on all ends as all their cagers contributed buckets after another.

Gian Racelis poured in the most with an astonishing double-double of 17 points, and 12 rebounds as his footwork inside remains untouchable. Racelis’ teammate on the other end, Jb Santos was too hot for the leather, firing on all offensive ends to gather the team-high of 19 points.

The duo’s command asserted Born Ready’s dominance throughout the game reaching as far as a double-digit lead. Born Ready’s Elis Chua also manned inside for an almost double-double performance of 10 points, and nine rebounds, executing put back lay-ins, and cleaning missed finished in the fourth when their antagonists was close in for the kill.

Holding out strong as Legends was as close in a one-point lead of the fourth; Born Ready dodged the bullet in a triple by Gian Racelis at the final minute and assure their second-straight victory, 79-75.