Coreganix King Tops EINZ breakthrough victory


By Jacob Canlas - Published February 18, 2020

The elusive victory has been captured. Two winless squads clashed as Coreganix Kings rose from the ashes to capture their first season’s victory to send Einz deep into the losing track at the Upper Deck.

A well-contested match-up in the first canto where Einz’s presence inside was too heavy in the post-up and rebounding, the Kings managed to scrape a five-point lead in the first ten minutes.

Five Coreganix cagers exploded for a double-digit field goal where three rendered double-digit figures.

Spearheaded by Mac Valentino in his earth-shattering 31 points, and ten rebounds, the Kings’ presence inside was no match for the opposition as two of his team mates.

Ryan Guanco and Justin Estanol tag teamed inside as the former finished with 12 points, and 13 rebounds while the latter dropped 10, and 11 boards.

As the inside was fortified, Coreganix also employed attacks from the perimeter and swift defense for a smooth basket the following play. The fast break attacks came in multitudes – at one point, recording three-straight fast break possession midway into the third.

Einz revamps their defense but crumbles down as Kings squad hits without a miss, rendering a 20-point advantage for Valentino’s team.

Kings also managed to overthrow their antagonist’s dominance inside the paint, swarming the paint for rebounds and knack on clean-up opportunities.

On the other end, Chris Obana also finished with a double-double of 27 points, and 18 rebounds, proving to be Einz’s consistent scoring machine three games in a row.

Coreganix lead all the way to the end in a final box score of 86-64 as Einz collets their third straight loss this season.