Born Ballers deny DU Basketball’s resurgence at crunch time to cop win number one


By Jacob Canlas – Published February 5, 2020

The pure hustle of basketball resounded in waves in the fourth match-up as DU Basketball held steadfast in the uprising of the Born Ballers squad as the former team grew their nerves of steel at crunch time, thus clenching the victory, 85-72

Lightning quick offense coupled with an overpowering was the name of their game as Born Ballers dominated in almost all minutes of the game in a three-possession lead.

Anthony Figueroa and Leandro Dela Cruz connived for 16, and 15 points, respectively with the latter cager notching the player of the game recognition. Dela Cruz added in six rebounds, two assists and a steal.

With the stellar duo spearheading Born Ballers’ offense, their advantages slowly grew to as much as 16 points midway into the third canto

DU Basketball on the other end, wouldn’t go down without a fight as they slowly climb back to even the playing grounds, carefully erasing the double-digit lead held against them

The resurgence sparked by JB De Belen and his teammate De Mesa sank consecutive dagger where their team mates followed through. De Belen and De Mesa amassed 17 points, and 15 points respectively while their teammate Spencer Sowy pioneered the paint with a double-double of 12 points, and eleven boards

The sparking resurgence clashed head-on with Born Ballers’ well-executed offense to inch as close as 77-72 in the final minute as DU Basketball’s chances to steal the game away widened

At clutch time, winners are separated from the pretenders. Maximizing their last minute, Born Ballers immediately took over as they drill all free-throws and possession that followed, further solidifying their dominance leading to a final score of 85-72