Ball is indeed life for these environmental lawyers of DLGI


By Jordan Samar - Published May 23, 2019


DLGI joined the Advocatus League not only to show off their basketball wares, but to spread environmental awareness as well.

Team representative Atty. Miguel Adalem mentioned that the joining the league couldn’t have been at a better time, especially with their ongoing project for the Manila Bay.

“We are environmental lawyers from the DENR. I do not really know the connection, but it seems like environmentalists are into sports especially those who are in the environmental law enforcement,” said Atty. Adalem.

“Part of our reason why we joined the cup is to raise awareness regarding the current situation in the Manila Bay,” he further mentioned.


Playing and joining in basketball tournaments are no longer new for these lawyers in DLGI, as the DENR is known for holding multiple events for their employees. For them, playing the game of basketball serves as a safe haven given their hectic work schedules.

But one of the challenges that they regularly face is having a complete roster every game, and Atty. Adalem sees it as the difference between winning and losing games.

“As environmental lawyers, our work covers the whole Philippines, so madalas wala kami sa office. We haven’t been in a game na buo yung team namin and i think our team is really good pag complete kami,” bared Atty. Adalem.

Currently in the playoff mix with a 3-3 win-loss card, DLGI is looking to make some noise in the postseason, and Atty. Adalem is optimistic about their chances.

Moreover, joining the Advocatus League is already a win in itself for the squad, since it brought them together closer while meeting new friends as well.


“I guess joining this tourney is success enough. The Advocatus League made each of us widen our networks. This tournament fostered camaraderie in the legal circle, we are happy that we made joined this tournament and that we made it this far,” said Atty. Adalem.


“For us, that is success enough. But of course we don't want to settle with that, we want a championship,” he quipped.