An encapsulation of success habits: Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings renews fifth year sponsorship


By John Mark Herrera - Published February 15, 2019

Two names molded by one mutual work ethic and drive for success, to open their fifth year of providing service in their respective fields, Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings renewed its annual sponsorship with Kings of the Court | STR8, Friday evening in Kapitolyo, Pasig City; the home of one of the country's best tasting chicken wings.

In an interview held at Frankie's main office in San Rafael St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City, KOTC | STR8 was given the privilege to not only conduct a tour inside the three-story establishment, but also had a quick chat with Frankie's President, Mr. Eduardo Emmanuel Q. Firmalo or "Ed", as he prefers to be called.

Entering the half-a-decade mark as one of KOTC | STR8's major sponsors,  we talked about the journey and the challenges his team had to face, to get this point.

It's been seven years since Frankie's became the game-changer in the Buffalo Wings-themed resto industry, and they're not showing any signs of slowing down, thanks to a hard-working crew.

"Sweat, blood and tears. Building the brand from scratch, from imagination to a vision then to reality, and improving our product, our service, our equipment, and our processes. Everyone on the team worked extremely hard to get where we are today." Ed shared.

KOTC | STR8 and Frankie's have been together since 2014. Since then, both of them have evolved into giants of their respective fields. As good friends since their college days, the similarities in terms of the way these two grew over the years were all because of a common perspective between Ed and KOTC | STR8’'s president and founder, Mr. Cholo Legisma, in calibrating their craft.

"Hands-on business owners. Me and my partners, our imprint is all over the company and from there, the culture has been infectious to our employees, who have such a strong sense of ownership that helps improve the business continuously."

Having the same approach on things that you want to achieve almost made it a no-brainer, in deciding to invest on KOTC | STR8's vision. But for everyone asking on how Cholo was able to seal one of his greatest deals back in 2014, Ed shared a piece of that historic moment.

"Cholo is a great presenter and speaker. Even though the league was yet to be established, he had created a solid presentation deck that made it very easy for us to visualize what he was trying to do. To be perfectly honest, KOTC being a startup back then, and us only having just 1 store, we had our apprehensions, but were impressed by how he presented KOTC. From there, he kept us posted, stuck to his word and delivered. Since then, we haven’t hesitated in partnering with KOTC." Ed proudly shared.

"Having known Cholo for a decade now, I know he thinks of it (running the business) the same way. It’s his intense passion for the game that resulted in the creation of Kings of The Court. From day 1 to this day, no matter what KOTC has achieved, I haven’t seen him lose his passion for his vision. He remains hungry just as we are. It also helps that he has a solid supporting cast lead by his fiancé, Lianne, who shares in his vision for the future of organized basketball that caters to everyone." he continued.

Since the dawn of this partnership, the sports-crazy nation that we are, it immediately captured everyone's attention. From the players who were and still are, part of the league, to their family members, and friends, it suddenly became a solid trend; partnering food and sports, became one of the best combinations of this generation. Ed simply describes it as "Food feeds the human body, gives it energy. What better way to use that energy than for sports?" on why sports and great food, blend tremendously.

The tour around their office and process facility, gave us a closer look on how this royalty, does their work. Noticeably, Ed banks on multiple quotes hanged on picture frames and painted on the office' walls, which symbolizes his passion for reading books and to share motivational words for the hard-working people around him.

Ever wondered what's the story behind the signature colors of Frankie's? (Black, Red, and White), "Well, I read a few articles way back about how red supposedly stimulates the human appetite. Having had failed food businesses prior to Frankie’s (most of which did not use the color red), I decided not to take a chance and use red, as well as black for its masculinity, then white to balance things out." Ed revealed. Aside from the signature classic buffalo wings, they now offer 13 other different flavors of wings, all of which were carefully conceived and crafted to perfection.

We all know how much Filipinos have come to endear the taste of Frankie's flavors. For Ed, he considers the best recipes for a successful business as "First and foremost – it’s having a clear vision. A crystal-clear vision of what you want to accomplish. From there, once you know what you want, you go after it with everything you’ve got. Exceed expectations, change the status quo."

And as Ed, his partners, and his dedicated team embark on a new mission this year, the excitement of what 2019 has in store for their growing business, cannot be contained.

"A successful 2019 would be opening our new stores in SM Fairview and Molito Alabang on time this March, as well as the expansion of existing branches.

But most of all, a successful 2019 is one wherein we can see ourselves up the brand even more by continuing to exceed expectations on every facet of guest service. The product itself alone won’t sustain our place at the top. The challenge for us is to continue upgrading our level of service even as we continue to branch out."

"As I said earlier, we want increased social responsibility. If you look around, the companies that have lasted, the companies that have made the biggest difference aren’t always the ones that maximize profits and minimize costs. It’s the companies that have a deep-rooted cause beyond making a ton of money. We want quality jobs for our people, we sincerely, genuinely want to make people happy (no matter how naïve that sounds) and we want to start taking a more active role in preserving our environment."

As they thrive with the promise of "Great Food, Awesome Experience", Ed shared his secret in handling failures and the things he learned after overcoming the challenge, as well as the things he looks forward to in the next five to ten years, as we ended the motivating interview, inside his kind office.

"We’re looking forward to creating more happiness and memories for our guests, career fulfillment for our team, and increased social responsibility. We’re not here merely for profit; we’re here to make an impact. We’re here to create a company of real value. Embrace the process. Nothing of great worth is ever easy."