Advocatus League aiming to provide another ‘court’ for baller-lawyers


Published April 23, 2019  by Kings of the Court|STR8

As the Advocatus League is already underway, league founder Atty. Jang Moreno is optimistic that the league would provide a viable venue for lawyers from different groups to interact outside of their workplace through the game of basketball.

With eight teams competing in the said tourney, players are expected to compete at a high level, forcing them to have a much healthier lifestyle in order to keep up.

“This league aims to break down barriers and emphasize that outside conflicting interests are individuals who just want to hone their craft and represent their clients to the best of their abilities. The goal is to interact with lawyers in a different setting,” said. Atty. Moreno. 

“With Advocatus, people are encouraged to stay fit and exercise. Some are even forced to limit their alcohol and go home early the night before a game, to the delight of their wives,” he added.

For the amiable lawyer, it wasn’t easy getting teams to join in at first, given their hectic work schedules. However, with the help of some willing friends and technology, it all snowballed from there.

“Getting the requirements and commitments from the teams probably because of the players’ busy schedule. In fact, other teams wanted to join but were too busy to submit the requirements. KOTC|STR8 had to push back the opening several times,” explained Moreno.

“Another challenge is the schedule of the games. We wanted to give the teams more games, so we had to work with what we have…. At the end of the day, we want to play more games, so we’ll gladly take that,” he further mentioned.

For sure these lawyers will cross paths not only in the league but on their work as well. But with the Advocatus League’s emphasis on friendship and brotherhood, Atty. Moreno hopes to imbibe a culture that puts their differences aside for the greater good.

“Hopefully, this league will help us navigate through them, including [to] prevent or resolve conflict, with the network of friends you are able to build in this league. We want Advocatus to create a culture wherein we celebrate both our commonalities and differences, anchored on friendship and brotherhood. I’m sure one way or another, all the players’ paths will cross whether for work or otherwise,” emphasized Moreno.

In fact, the league founder was more than happy with the current turnout and he expects bigger things as the league goes along, with the goal of possibly tying up with the Integrated Bar of the Philippines soon.

“We want Advocatus to complement the basketball league of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines. The IBP, as the official lawyer’s organization, plays a vital role in elevating the standards of the legal profession. We want to support the IBP’s efforts in promoting camaraderie through sports,” said Moreno.