2019 TFS PH Sportsfest opens with a large turnout and smiles from their employees


By Jordan Samar - Published May 15, 2019 

TFSPH team members were in for a treat as their annual teambuilding through a sports tournament opened with much excitement at The City Club in Alphaland Makati Place last Saturday morning.

From various sports like basketball, volleyball, bowling, table tennis, badminton and board games, their team members from different departments are given a new platform to showcase skills outside of the workplace.

Events committee member Arianne Collantes expressed her excitement given the huge turnout of the festivities.

“We have five teams – blue, green, pink, purple and orange. We also have different sports like table tennis, scrabble, chess, billiards and siyempre basketball, volleyball and badminton. Ok naman yung maging turnout and nakikita naman namen na nag eenjoy naman lahat.” – said Collantes.



Seeing the happy faces of her fellow team members is what motivates Collantes to help in organizing such events, especially since this is the perfect chance to promote wellness and unity in the organization.

“The TFSPH teambuilding is an annual event that aims to increase employee engagement and boost company camaraderie. This is the second time that we are having Sports Fest, the first was last year. From last year’s event we received satisfactory feedback and insights from our team members and we in Event Management decided to have another teambuilding through sports activities. The support and participation of the team members are reflections of increasing engagement and we value the voice of the employees. Today is the Opening Day and what makes this Sports Fest different from last year is that we have additional sports like the board games- scrabble and chess plus billiards. We also have table tennis, and the badminton has more players now, so we now have Singles and Doubles. Today we have simultaneous executions of the games 1 and 2 for all sports, except Bowling, to also maximize the participation of our provincial-based team members.

So just like last year, we are hoping and looking forward for the team members to enjoy it and for the event to encourage interaction and working together of team members on fun and friendly competitions. Through this event we hope to really reinforce the spirit of Teamwork which is one of the company values.

Lastly, we are excited for what’s in store for us this time since we have Kings of the Court being our official event management partner for this event. Yes, that’s an expectation. ☺ “ --- Hazel Galve (Event Management Team)

“One of the feedbacks na natanggap namin since last year is that this is an avenue for our employees to release stress. Siyempre dahil whole day kaming nakaupo sa stations namin, eto na ‘yung chance namin na makapag sports,” concluded Collantes.