Scores and Schedules - Atlanta Basketball

July 28(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
Opening Ceremonies 1:00pm-1:20pm
81 - 56
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Atlanta vs RNS
108 - 101
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August 4(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
NBFCI Pirates vs WYS-Weldon Engineers
64 - 57
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The Upper Deck (West)
PALAFOX vs Asya Design Partners
68 - 77
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Vision Arch vs AC Ong
50 - 68
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H1 Architecture vs ABE Aquatech
73 - 68
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August 11(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
Design & Engineering vs Arch. Jonathan Gan 9:00pm-10:20pm
The Upper Deck (West)
Filinvest vs RNS Team 6:00pm-7:20pm
MAYNILAD vs WYS-Weldon Engineers 7:20pm-8:40pm
TECHWERK vs IMMCE 8:40pm-10:00pm
August 18(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
HEO vs PALAFOX 5:00pm-6:20pm
AC Ong vs Design & Engineering 6:20pm-7:40pm
Asya Design Partners vs VisionArch 7:40pm-9:00pm
ABE Aquatech vs MDC 9:00pm-10:20pm
The Upper Deck (West)
Atlanta vs WYS-Weldon Engineers 6:00pm-7:20pm
Filinvest vs ECT+A 7:20pm-8:40pm
AGCHEM vs H1 Architecture 8:40pm-10:00pm
August 25(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
H1 Architecture vs TECHWERK 5:00pm-6:20pm
MDC vs AGCHEM 6:20pm-7:40pm
AMD Construction vs ABE Aquatech 7:40pm-9:00pm
The Upper Deck (West)
VisionArch vs HEO 6:00pm-7:20pm
Design & Engineering vs Asya Design Partners 7:20pm-8:40pm
Arch. Jonathan Gan vs AC Ong 8:40pm-10:00pm
September 1(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
NBFCI Pirates vs Ironcon Builders 5:00pm-6:20pm
Atlanta vs ECT+A 6:20pm-7:40pm
The Upper Deck (West)
AGCHEM vs AMD Construction 6:00pm-7:20pm
TECHWERK vs MDC 7:20pm-8:40pm
IMMCE vs H1 Architecture 8:40pm-10:00pm
September 8(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
NBFCI Pirates vs ECT+A 6:20pm-7:40pm
Filinvest vs WYS-Weldon Engineers 7:40pm-9:00pm
MDC vs AMD Construction 9:00pm-10:20pm
The Upper Deck (West)
Asya Design Partners vs Arch. Jonathan Gan 6:00pm-7:20pm
HEO vs Design & Engineering 7:20pm-8:40pm
PALAFOX vs VisionArch 8:40pm-10:00pm
September 22(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
MAYNILAD vs RNS Team 3:40pm-5:00pm
Filinvest vs Ironcon Builders 5:00pm-6:20pm
TECHWERK vs ABE Aquatech 6:20pm-7:40pm
IMMCE vs AMD Construction 7:40pm-9:00pm
H1 Architecture vs MDC 9:00pm-10:20pm
The Upper Deck (West)
HEO vs AC Ong 6:00pm-7:20pm
PALAFOX vs Arch. Jonathan Gan 7:20pm-8:40pm
VisionArch vs Design & Engineering 8:40pm-10:00pm
September 29(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
NBFCI Pirates vs RNS Team 3:40pm-5:00pm
MAYNILAD vs ECT+A 5:00pm-6:20pm
MDC vs IMMCE 6:20pm-7:40pm
AMD Construction vs TECHWERK 7:40pm-9:00pm
ABE Aquatech vs AGCHEM 9:00pm-10:20pm
The Upper Deck (West)
Design & Engineering vs PALAFOX 6:00pm-7:20pm
Arch. Jonathan Gan vs HEO 7:20pm-8:40pm
AC Ong vs Asya Design Partners 8:40pm-10:00pm
October 6(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
MAYNILAD vs Ironcon Builders 3:40pm-5:00pm
AMD Construction vs H1 Architecture 5:00pm-6:20pm
ABE Aquatech vs IMMCE 6:20pm-7:40pm
AGCHEM vs TECHWERK 7:40pm-9:00pm
The Upper Deck (West)
Arch. Jonathan Gan vs VisionArch 6:00pm-7:20pm
AC Ong vs PALAFOX 7:20pm-8:40pm
Asya Design Partners vs HEO 8:40pm-10:00pm
October 13(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
Q1: #2A vs #3A 3:40pm-5:00pm
Q2: #2B vs #3B 5:00pm-6:20pm
Q1: #1A vs #4B 6:20pm-7:40pm
Q2: #2B vs #3A 7:40pm-9:00pm
The Upper Deck (West)
Q3: #1B vs #4A 6:00pm-7:20pm
Q4: #2A vs #3B 7:20pm-8:40pm
October 20(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
#1A vs QW1 3:40pm-5:00pm
#1B vs QW2 5:00pm-6:20pm
QW1 vs QW2 6:20pm-7:40pm
QW3 vs QW4 7:40pm-9:00pm
October 27(Saturday)
The Upper Deck (East)
SW1 vs SW2 3:40pm-5:00pm
SW1 vs SW2 5:00pm-6:20pm