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Missing the court | A known all-around player in hoops, Mavi Ferrer dishes out a much-needed assist to his community

In this edition of #MissingTheCourt, we feature yet another inspiring story of an individual who took up the gauntlet, to make a difference and help out his community, along with reliable friends.

Missing the court | Long-time KOTC game officials share the struggles of long lull from basketball

In this edition of #MissingTheCourt, it's the referees' time to share their community quarantine experiences, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected their way of living.


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Get to know "The Reaper" Erricson Gabay of Hype Streetball

Most know him as The Reaper, the streetballer who kills his defenders and collects souls every ankle he breaks. But beyond the nicknames and swag, he is a young gentleman who had a dream.

Proud of his Pangasinense roots: Basketball freestyler Scalia Nethanial

Kings of the Court PH caught up with PUMA brand ambassador Scalia Nethanial to recount his rise in the world of freestyle basketball.



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