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Missing the court | Game worn basketball jerseys, shoes from local athletes - the game changer in one man's initiative to reach out to his community

In this edition of #MissingTheCourt, featured in this article is a unique story of one man, whose random idea of helping his community became a huge difference-maker in the midst of the health crisis.

Missing the court | Telecoms Basketball League players share how they cope up with long lull from basketball [Part 2]

The long break from sports may have halted our daily routines, but these men proved that adaptation is key and that the best thing to do right now, is to play our role in helping out our best players, the frontliners, in battling the pandemic that is, COVID-19; a battle that is bigger than sports.


Writer's Corner

Missing the court | LGR pushes forward with PPE drive

Sportswear authority LGR continues to press forward with its timely project for our heroic frontliners

Missing the court | With jersey production on hold, MNL Kingpin shifts focus on PPEs

MNL Kingpin, in partnership with Amacor Trading, manufactured personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontliners bravely leading the fight against COVID-19.



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